Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jon Gosselin double cheats AGAIN?

Jon Gosellin from Jon and Kate plus 8 reality show was seen spending time with 2 other women in New York City during the Memorial Day weekend. They were spotted in a bar and one of the women seems to be in their 20s and the other in mid ages.

Personally I think this whole dilemma has gone out of hand. First fame got their head too big. Second, they could not handle the publicity. Third the money is too good to get out even it cost them their family. So sad! I really hope they will think about their children and their future.

Sources: ET

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kris Allen's Idol win is in QUESTION....

How did Kris Allen the clean looking small town Idol winner won against a urban rocker with super vocal range? Well apparently the community of Kris Allen's small town invited AT&T the phone company to do a co-sponsor on their event supporting Kris Allen. AT&T even gave out demo phones and taught them how to power text which is 10 times the vote compare to you or me voting. Since the even was sponsored by the phone company, there is no cost to text. Not sure how big is the effect but apparently the voting has been rigged. By how much? We don't know yet and will the American Idol's committee will do anything about it, we are not sure? Is it important to win this contest? I think some of the non-winners do better than the winners. What do you thinks?


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who Cares?....Congratulations Kris Allen!!

Who cares if Kris Allen was the underdog?

Who cares he was not as colourful or outstanding as Adam Lambert?

Who cares if Adam Lambert was considered the inevitable winner for weeks?

Who cares if Adam had better vocals than Kris?

Who cares that even Kris think that Adam deserves it more?

Who cares if the the world thinks that America got it wrong?

The fact is Kris Allen WON! Good for him! American Idol 8 Rocked!

Spider Man Actress Found DEAD!

Lucy Gordon, considered one of Britain's most promising young film stars, was found dead in her Paris apartment after apparently killing herself, say French police.

Gordon, 28, had a dozen screen roles to her credit, including that of British reporter Jennifer Dugan in Spider-Man 3. In the upcoming biopic Serge Gainsbourg (a heroic life), about the late French singer-songwriter-actor, she plays the real-life British actress-singer Jane Birkin.

Gordon was discovered in her apartment, Paris police tell the London Times, which also quotes a news source as saying the actress's boyfriend was asleep in the residence when she hanged herself. An autopsy has been ordered.

Gordon, who had worked as a model, made her movie debut in 2001's Perfume. The next year, she starred in the war drama The Four Feathers, which also starred Heath Ledger.

Friday would have marked her 29th birthday

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mel and Oksana are expecting?

Rumor has it that Oksana is pregnant with Mel Gibson's baby. They have been dating for awhile after Mel's announcement of his divorce last month.

This is what has:
"Rumor has it that Mel Gibson and girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva are expecting a baby!

According to TMZ, Oksana has confirmed her pregnancy and is in her second trimester. Mel has also reportedly broken the news to his estranged wife Robyn and their seven children.

Robyn filed for divorce last month."

Britney on American Idol finale?

Since Britney has been touring in the US with her tour called "Circus", there is a rumor that she will be appearing in the final show of American Idol. Either way, it will be interesting to see her on stage again. Princess of the Pop will bring you the lip-sync entertainment that we are so used to it. No matter what it will be an interesting show.

Source: Extra

"Slumdog" Stars in LOVE......

Technically they are not the real "slumdogs" but so nice that they found loveeeeeee together.

News from

After much speculation about the nature of the relationship involving Slumdog Millionaire stars Dev Patel and Freida Pinto, Patel's mother Anita has confirmed to a British newspaper that the pair are very much a couple.

"First it was the film and now everything else seems to have slotted into place," Mrs. Patel is quoted as saying in Monday's Daily Mirror.

"Life can't get any better for him. Freida is really beautiful, and I am really happy for them."

Her comments come just days after Patel, 19, jetted to Israel to spend a whirlwind date with the Mumbai beauty, 24. "Yes, we knew he was flying to Israel to see her," said Patel's mother.

The pair rendezvoused in Tel Aviv as Pinto took time off from filming her latest movie in Jerusalem. The couple spent a few hours together in a hotel before emerging for a stroll around the harbor and an early champagne dinner at a seaside restaurant.

Onlookers said Pinto couldn't keep her hands off Patel. The couple spent their time at the table smooching and holding hands to the delight of a group of Japanese tourists who happened to pass by.

Shortly afterwards, Patel hopped a taxi to the airport to fly back to London, while Pinto returned to her base at the American Colony Hotel in East Jerusalem.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Woman Shot in the face, Gets a NEW FACE!

Five years ago, a shotgun blast from her husband left a gruesome hole in the middle of Connie Culp’s face. Five months ago, she got a new face from a dead woman.

After shooting his wife in the head with the shotgun, Culp’s husband shot himself. He survived and is serving only seven years in prison.

Connie Culp, 46, who was left without a nose, a palate or lower eyelids following a shotgun blast in 2004, received a operation last December that went 22 hours at the Cleveland Clinic in the state of Ohio.

Prior to that particualr operation, Cup went through many skin grafts and was not able to consume solid food, breathe independently or smell. She even required a tube inserted in her windpipe to breathe. The team of physicians replaced 80% of Ms. Culp’s face over the course of a twenty-two hour operation. The doctors had to put back bone, muscle, nerves, skin and blood vessels.

“When somebody has a disfigurement or doesn’t look as pretty as you, don’t judge them,” Culp said, according to “You never know what happened to them and you never know what might happen to you . . . . it might all be taken away.”

The procedure is the fourth done globally. French surgeons replaced much of the face of a woman in 2005 after she was disfigured in an attack from her dog. Last year, her doctors said that she recovered slowly and steadily, getting over two episodes of rejection.

Although Culp will still need some more surgerie, largely cosmetic (minor face tucks and the like) - she is now able to smile, taste and smell, abilities she had previously lost.

Andy Lau A COWARD, His Girlfriend MOVES OUT

CAROL Chu, the long-time Malaysian girlfriend of Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau, has moved out of their luxury bungalow in Hong Kong after their much talked-about wedding was called off last month, Sin Chew Daily reported.

Lau, who keeps a low profile about his relationship with Chu, had reportedly arranged for her to be away for awhile following intense media coverage of the run-up to their wedding, scheduled for April, that was supposed to have been held in Kuala Lumpur.

The daily reported that the singer-actor decided to tie the knot with Chu, who had been with him for 24 years.

Chu’s family had also reportedly “pressured” Lau to marry her after his world-tour concert concluded at the end of April.

However, the wedding was called off because of the media frenzy, the daily reported. It is believed that Lau was afraid of his fans’ reaction to his marriage.

Source : The Star

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Miss California is not so goody too shoe after all.

I guess there is a scandal in Miss USA when Miss California Carrie Prejean was asked a loaded question about gay marriage by a gay Judge Perez Hilton. She answered the question honestly saying not supporting gay marriage because marriage is between a man and woman. I think if she lied she would be in bigger trouble that she is now. But I guess the press and not so forgetting and dig deeper and found some not so Christian faithful picture from Miss Prejean pass. I think this agenda here is to keep Miss Prejean from saying she lose the Miss USA crown because she does not support gay marriage because Miss USA pageant prohibits pageants from being photographed "in a state of partial or total nudity."

Source: ExtraTV and