Friday, August 29, 2008

Do you know it is Jacko's 50th?

Michael Jackson celebrates his 50th B'day...WOW! He is that old already? Cannot believe...seems like it was just recently I heard "Beat it" or "Billie Jean". But just seems so sad that he is in current condition. Out of money and still wants to preserve his lifestyle. I guess he can never go back since now he has his own kids and all his glory days are over.

I guess he might still have one more thing up his sleeve. HIS TRUE STORY......we know he has all those child molestation charges, his fake nose, his skin conditions, his rumors of sleeping in a oxygen tank and all the weird stuffs....He could go all out and tell his story with a new album and make a retirement fund for the rest of his life. Poor thing...King of Pop....he used to be so darn sad :(

As for his birthday plans, "I'll just have a little cake with my children and we'll probably watch some cartoons," he said.

News Source

Obama-rama rocks the HOUSE!

Democratic hopeful Barack Obama is one of the greatest living speaker we have seen. On Thursday night he gave his acceptance speech of a lifetime. Not only it inspires, it also gives hope and salvation to the citizen of USA. He explains how he is going to bring US back to its feet and becomes a glorious nation that it used to be.....Respected and beloved by the world. He also said that the election this year is not about him, but about YOU! the people....the people that makes this country great. Not only he deflected all the charges from McCain, but also pose challenges to McCain, telling him that he has passed his time and it is about the next generation now. Watch the speech and be amaze. I did. Enjoy.....

**little known fact..the speech was watch by more than 38.3 million people...more than American Idol finale..

David Duchovny = SEX ADDICTION!!

OMG! Can you believe it?

David Duchovny aka Mr X-files has a sex addiction. Not only he played a creepy FBI agent but also a perv for porn. Is this some sort of acting role becomes reality?

Basically the latest news is that he has voluntarily checked himself into rehab for sex addiction.

Poor thing....poor wife.....he has been married to actres Tea Leoni for 11 years. They have 2 kids.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Michael Bolton and Nicollette Sheridan split

Sad story.

Some of you may know that these two have been dating for sometime now.

Infact they started dating in 1992 and after 5 years, they broke up.

But the got back together in 2005 and even announced their engagement in 2006.

Too bad, they could not go thru till the end. They just called off their engagement. Sigh. I thot they were a lovely couple. Very matching.

I wonder if there will be more juicy news on why they broke up. :)

Hillary Clinton's amazing speech

If you are interested in US politics, the Democratic National Convention is happening right now for election of Barack Obama as the new Democratic presidential candidate.

I have written in earlier postings on some other great speeches made at the Convention and I think so far, Hillary Clinton's speech last night was pretty amazing.

As you know, not so many months ago she was on a head on head fight for the Democratic presidential candidate position. It was a very close fight and Obama won. However, the key danger for the Democratic party now is the split of the supporters between Obama and Clinton. Therefore the key message in this convention is UNITY to ensure the supporters come together so that they can take down John McCain from the Republican party.

Therefore, Hillary Clinton's speech was critical to ensure that her supporters will support and vote Obama in the presidential elections.

She gave an amazing speech. It was really good. Yeah, it may be long and probably not relevant to Malaysians but what the heck....take a listen to how US politicians speak and compare that with our Malaysia politicans.... :)

Hillary Clinton's speech Part 1

Hillary Clinton's speech Part 2

Hillary Clinton's speech Part 3

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Where is Michael Jackson?

The King of Pop!

Obviously also The Weirdo of Pop! He is so famous yet his life is so bizzare and so sad.

Can you believe he is turning 50 this August 29th? I have been searching to find where is he? but don't really know. He is said to be Bahrain or even Dubai but have been spotted in LA, Las Vegas. I don't think he is staying in Neverland cos I think it was auctioned off since he could not afford to keep the place. Anyway, he has 3 kids and he still a mystery. There is this funny quiz on, Take the quiz and see if you know the bizzare stuff he has done :)

Take the quiz - Click here.

Anyone out there know where is Michael Jackson???

The Kennedys endorse Obama

The Kennedys are well respected and almost adored by Americans. And they were there at the National Democratic Convention (Aug 25th-Aug 28th) to support Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Firstly, Caroline Kennedy - the only remaining daugther of President John F Kennedy gave a speech calling Obama "the change we need". And she also gave a heart warming introduction to Ted Kennedy.

Senator Ted Kennedy - he is the youngest brother of the former President John F. Kennedy and the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Despite being diagnosed with brain tumor just months earlier, Senator Ted Kennedy gave a strong speech at the Convention saying nothing, nothing will stop him from being here.

Caroline Kennedy's speech

Senator Ted Kennedy's Speech

Democratic Convention - Michelle Obama's speech

If you are to be the President's wife, you better brush up on your public speaking skills. I guess it is expected. Not everyone can do it but Michelle Obama has proven herself that she is not just the wife, mother, sister and daugther to her family, she is definitely standing tall beside her husband and supporting him strongly to win this presidential election.

She gave the opening speech at the this week's Democratic National Convention and I am truly impressed. She was genuine and gave a really strong speech. While you are surfing the net, I do encourage you to view the video and listen to her speech. I wonder any of Malaysia politician's wife can speak like that :)

Michelle Obama speech - Part 1

Michelle Obama speech - Part 2

News on US Presidential race...

Interesting times ahead in USA politics

Firstly, Barack Obama has chosen his 2nd running mate on the VP seat. Joe Biden, Senator from Delaware.

Secondly, this week is the Democratic National Convention 25-28th in Denver. All eyes will be looking and listening to what the Democratics have to say. Many are expected to address America. Michelle Obama, Ted Kennedy, Hilary Clinton etc etc. Not forgetting that quite a few celebrities will be be there to support Barack Obama. Celebrities expected to show up , Sheryl Crow, Jennifer Hudson, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Sean Penn, Kerry Washington, Kanye West, Chris Daughtry, Nick Cannon, and Pharrell Williams and The big O, Ms Oprah Winfrey!

Guess who I am voting for, though I technically can't vote?! :)

Avril Lavigne is back!!

So the government decided to have some cow-sense back into their heads! The Malaysian government has given the go-ahead for Avril Lavigne's concert on Aug. 29 as scheduled, despite scrapping the concert last week for being "too sexy."

But, what's the point? My dear government - You have already embarrassed Malaysia. Make the world think that Malaysians are a bunch of hooligans who are so holy, so covered up and don't make any noise in concerts.

If you don't know how you have embarrassed Malaysia please view this link and click on the video.

Anyway, for Avril Lavigne's fans, I hope you enjoy the concert and please show her that we Malaysians are not that bad after all.

American Idol 4th Judge?

Hmmm...this is probably an attempt to revive the American Idol series, now that it is running into it's 8th season. Don't get me wrong.....American Idol is still the highest rated reality show in US but the ratings have been dropping year on year.

Also, I guess the producer do feel the need to inject a bit of difference into the show vs the same old faces.

So who is this 4th Judge?

Kara Dioguardi. Errrr.....who? I have never heard of her. She is a grammy nominated song writer. DioGuardio's songs have been recorded by Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Celine Dion, Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood and Pink, among others.

These are my thots -

1) Maybe it is my ignorance but I don't know why American Idol has chosen someone so unpopular. Who is she and what's her credibility? She is a song writer, so what does she know about making of a star. She just write the songs right??!! Hopefully, it will not be another bimbo on the show. One is enough.

2) I wonder how that would change the dynamics of the judges. I am assuming that she is going to be a smart judge. Therefore, I think Paula would hate her. I think Simon would want her on his side so he will be nice to her. So we will have 2 dumb-ass judges on one side (Paula and Randy) and then the smart-alecs on another side (Simon and Kara).

3) This I really wonder - how are they going to decide who goes to Hollywood now that there are 4 votes? if 2 say yes and 2 say no, who decides?? Ah ha.... I am sure the producer did not leave this big question mark out so it will be interesting to see how they decide.

4) I just hope this will help Paula to keep her comments short. She is so boring cos she goes on and on and on about how beautiful, wonderful, amazing...each contestants are. So boring. Adding another person on the judging goodess...the commenting session will be longer than the performances.

What do you all think? Would it be interesting or a bad mistake?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Michael Phelps look-alike

One thing I must say about the Chinese as I have seen in the Olympics - they are really err "friendly" people! You see them cheering, mobbing, hugging the international Olympians. They are naturally supportive 100% to the Chinese athletes but they are equally as passionate to the popular international athletes.

This poor Brit guy is an BBC correspondence in Beijing and he has the height and built of Michael Phelps and it is so cute to see the Chinese mobbing him despite him telling them that he is NOT Michael Phelps!

Wanna know who is the richest royalty in the world??

You will be surprised! Actually I was!

You would think that it would be Sultan of Brunei or some King from Arabsright?? They are rich in oil and with the high oil prices, they should be piling in the bucks. Infact, they probably are richer but just not reporting it!

So, the richest royalty (as reported by Forbes) goes to our neighbouring country's King - King Bhumibol Adulyadej, King of Thailand. He has an estimated fortune of 35billion!!

Forbes said - King Bhumibol, 80 and, at 62 years on the throne the world's longest-serving head of state, pushed to the top of the richest royals list by virtue a greater transparency surrounding his fortune.

No 2 - King of Abu Dhabi 23billion

No 3 - King of Saudi Arabia 21billion

No 4 - King of Brunei 20billion

No 5 - King of Dubai 18million

N0 6 - Prince of Liehtenstien (huh? where?!!) 5billion

No 7 - Sheikh of Qatar - 2billion

No 8 - King of Morrocco - 1.5billion

No 9 - King of Monaco - 1.4billion

No 10 onwards - many others.

Read source.

Obama is going to reveal his No. 2 man!

Alright, even though I am in US, I seriously don't care about the presidential election. I can't vote anyway so it does not matter to me :)

However, I do hope that whoever takes on the realm, he better start reviving the economy and undo all the stuff that Bush has done negatively to the country. I really wonder how anyone can still have respect for Bush and how he can still be the President! How does he sleep at night?? All he did in his 8 years is to create war, kill thousand of Americans not forgetting the people in the countries he is attacking (he calls it protecting) and to end it off, he created the worst US economy in decades! Enuff said.

Anyway, back to present time whether it is McCain or Obama, they should just focus on telling the people what they intend to do as President and not do attacks into their personal lifes!

The current news buzzing is that Obama will announce his second man, Vice President who will be running with him tomorrow! Who will it be?

Seriously, I have no idea since I don't really know any of them. I heard it could be Kennedy lady....hmmm...that should be interesting. Will let you know when I find out! :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

China gymnast controversy....oh oh! I think they have proof!

The controversy on the age of the Chinese female gymnasts continues with new developments.

Apparently a hacker managed to get new information on the age of some of the Chinese gymnasts that proves they are younger than their 16 years of age.

The International Olympic Committee has officially asked the International Gymnastic Federation to look into the ages of these Chinese gymnasts.

One of the girls in question is He Kexin who won gold in the uneven bar individual event narrowly from USA favourite Nastia Liukin. She may stand to lose her gold medal and China team would also stand to lose the gold medal on the overall all around event.

China team and coaches have maintained that all their gymnasts are of eligible age and infact when interviewed, this is what He Kexin has to say ""I was born in 1992, and I'm 16 years old now," He said. "The FIG has proved that. If I'm under 16, I couldn't have been competing here."

I just hope that everything will die down. It will just be too heart-breaking if China cheated and the poor girls are stripped off their medals. Whether they lied or not, I feel they are too young to be blamed. The blame should be on China and its officials.

Get The BATON!! Get The BATON!!!!

OMG!! Did you all watch the 4x100m relay semifinal heats??

I thot running was hard enough but I realized it does not matter how fast you run, if you don't get the baton, that's it... you are OUT!

That's what happened to the USA Team in both men's and women's event!

Team USA really had a tough luck in track and field this Olympic Games.

And the disqualification from the 4x100m relay seals up their bad luck. It was the 3rd person passing to the last runner in both men and just did not get passed and the baton drops!

It was a really sad day for Team USA.

Miley Cyrus - Sweet 16 Birthday Bash

I can't even remember my Sweet 16 birthday! Hmmm, what did I do? Seriously I forgot!

But if you are a Miley Cyrus fan....(if anyone don't know her, let me know - I love to know if you don't know who she is) get to celebrate her sweet 16 in Disneyland with a USD250 ticket. Not bad huh.

Miley Cyrus is like the new "it" girl, She is young and extremely popular. I don't know how to describe it cos I am not a fan but she is like really really popular. Barely even 16, she made USD18.2Million last year alone.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the teen queen is selling a limited number of $250 tickets to her birthday bash. She turns 16 on November 23. Tickets for "Miley's Sweet 16 - Share the Celebration" go on sale August 30.

That's Disneyland in USA yeah!


Malaysia - I am so embarrassed.

Malaysia is not a big country. We are not often mentioned in the world news. Therefore, being a Malaysian in a foreign land, I wanna feel proud whenever the country name comes up. It is almost like a pride swelling whenever someone mentions Malaysia and say something like they recognize the name, know something about the country etc.

But I am so embarassed. Please watch the video below. It is not CNN news, or ABC, NBC news - Thank God! but equally it was hard to watch to see Malaysia mentioned in that way.

So my dear "holier than God" a$$holes, thanks for putting Malaysia on the map! You did us PROUD in the backside!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Michael Phelps - monies and media attention

Michael Phelps...became an instant celebrity literally overnight.

The world knows about his historic wins with 8 gold medal at the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

I seriously believe he has made this Olympics such an enjoyable event to watch.

Now Michael Phelps is so sought after it is unbelievable. Already a multi millionaire even before the start of the Olympics from endorsements and sponsorship, his value will definitely double, triple or probably even quadrupled after his wins.

Click here for the news on who wants him on their brands.

But it will not stop there. Everyone is interested in his personal life. Does he have a girlfriend? Who is he interested in? He denied rumours that he is in a relationship with fellow US swimmer Amanda Beard though the news continue to circulate. Michael Phelps apparently told Extra that he has a celebrity crush on Cameron Diaz.

But will the papparazi stop there. NO!NO! They will not stop until they can dig out whatever that is news worthy.

The world all saw his mom and sisters who was with him at every swim. His mom nearly got as much media attention as her son.

But, guess what people are asking? What about DAD? So they dig, dig, dig....and of course they did find him. It is probably not the best story about a father estranged from his suddenly popular son but the media will never stop. That is the price you pay for being a celebrity even

Click here for complete news.

Btw, I think the photo shoot by Sports Illustrated above is quite "yucky".

Just like any happily married couple.

I am happy for Ellen Degeneres. Being married is a big deal for straight or gay couples. Ellen just got married last weekend and here is what she wrote on the web blog. You can really feel her happiness coming out from her words. I wish the happy couple all the best. Also their wedding photos do look fantastic.

"I had a big, big weekend. I got married to Portia de Rossi! Sorry, John Stamos…this one's taken.

You may notice something different about the way I'm writing…it's fancy. This is the font I type in now that I'm MARRIED! I do a lot of things differently now …I say, "I do" a lot. For example: Who wants to do pilates? I do. Would you like a Mountain Dew? I do. Do you know why I pulled you over? I do. And that was just this morning.

The wedding was everything we hoped it would be. I wish I could've invited all of you. But I have some pictures and video I can show you when Season 6 starts on September 8th. I can't wait to see them too…it was all a blur. See you then.

Blissfully yours,
The just married Mrs. DeGeneres"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I am glad Shawn Johson won the gold medal

For all my bitching on how the American are such sore losers in gymnastics, I do think that the American women gymnasts are good! They gave beautiful performances and are worthy of the medals they won. I just hate all the complains from a lot of American parties when they don't win.

But I am so glad that American Shawn Johnson won the last women's gymnastic event on the balance beam. She is such a sweet girl. She won 3 silvers and I think gold was something that she really wanted to go home with. Also I am sure there is some level of rivalry with teamate Nastia Liukin who won her gold in individual all round. A medal that Shawn really wanted to get. Unfortunately she had to settle for silver.

But on the last event of women's gymnastic, her chance came and she grabbed it. Gold medal for her. Hurray!

She is just such a sweet sweet girl! Congratulations!

Jessica Alba - HOT! HOT! HOT!

She was one of the sexiest woman alive. Her body is undeniably sexy. And I personally know many guys friends who drool over her.

She was still sexy even when she is heavily pregnant! Sexy mama!

2 months after giving birth, yeah! she still has it! Lost 25 lbs and looking as good as ever.

Picture source from here.

Christina Applegate - She's a survivor!

This is what she said on Good Morning America this morning when she opened up for the first time on her battle with breast cancer.

"I had a prophylactic double mastectomy," she told "Good Morning America" host Robin Roberts. "I wanted to be rid of it for me so this was the choice I made and it was a tough one." The "Samantha Who?" actress also described her initial reaction to the shocking diagnosis -- and her healing process. "Sometimes I scream and I get really angry and I get really like, you know into wallowing in self-pity sometimes and I think that's -- it's all part of healing."

But the Good News is......

"I'm clear," she declared. "Absolutely 100 percent clear and clean...They got everything out so I'm definitely not going to die from breast cancer."

Bad luck suck it up!

I am so irritated these days when watching women's gymnastics.

All the Americans do is complain, blame and criticize about almost anything and everything possible. In particular I mean the coaches, the commentators and also the husband of the head coach - Bela Karolyi (Romanian coach who trained Nadia Comaneci). He is acting as the NBC correspondence at every gymnastic match. Oh my...he is getting on my nerves!

Firstly Bela keep insisting that the China women gymnasts are younger than the 16 years old requirement. He keeps stirring it up, accusing China of "dirty cheating" for fielding gymnasts he believes to be underage in the Beijing Games. "Are we stupid or what?" Karolyi said in an interview yesterday after watching China's female gymnasts perform at the National Indoor Stadium. "They are obviously kids -- 12 or 14 [years old], max -- and you're telling the world they are 16? What arrogance!"

Next when China won gold on overall team and USA came in second. Oh bitter they were!! Martha Karolyi (see the connections), the U.S. team coordinator, claimed the stalling tactics by officials were deliberate, when one of the American gymnast waited a bit longer for her turn on the balance beam. When she finally was allowed to begin her routine, her concentration appeared to be broken and she fell on her mount. She fell again on the floor exercise. Officials said the delay was related to the needs of Beijing Olympic Broadcasting, which is showing the Games in much of the world.

Then there was the individual vault. China's Cheng Fei landed on her knees on her 2nd vault. However her average scores were 0.025 higher than American's Alicia Sacramone average points. That gave China the bronze medal on the vault booting out the American on the fourth.
This time they lashed out at the judges calling them not experienced as the judges from these countries don't even produce any great gymnasts, “That’s wrong. Very wrong,” fumed legendary coach Bela Karolyi, whose wife, Martha, is now the coordinator of the U.S. team. “It’s the wrong example of judging at the Olympic Games. … That is just a slap in the face of everyone. There’s no excuse.”
Click here for more news.

Then it was the tiebreaker in the parallel bars event. With a gold medal at stake, American Nastia Liukin and China's He Kexin, received identical scores for their exceedingly difficult routines. Under some complicated tiebreaker system, China was awarded the gold. Even though it was complicated for everyone but I am sure that these are the rules set and standard by the ruling committee before the Olympics itself. So, stop b*tching about how unfair that China was awarded the gold.
Click here for details how the tiebreaker was broken down.

They only complain when they do not get Gold or more so when China gets gold....... ohhhh!! just stop whining and enjoy the games.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Avril Lavigne not welcomed...only in Malaysia :(

Aiyo....I really wonder how come some "holier than God" a$$h0les sitting in an empty office with probably nothing to do, have time to go around looking at which celebrity will be performing in Malaysia and of course then try to ban them from performing.

How backward are Malaysians? What do you want to project to the world? We are soooo HOLY! My foot!

I tell you it is because there is no entertainment in the country (because it is all banned!) , that the people are all so gatal ("itchy") inside their fully clothed head to toe bodies, that they do more unholy stuff in their own homes!

Come on, give other Malaysians a break! If you don't want to be influenced and you think it is tooooo sexy, then stay at home and do whatever you do best! Don't go around taking a good concert away from Malaysians.

First you made pop singer Gwen Stefani say she made "a major sacrifice in Malaysia" to the world by dictating what she can or cannot wear.
Christina Aguilera skipped Malaysia during an Asian tour that included neighboring Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.
R&B superstar Beyonce scratched a planned concert here, moving it to Indonesia.
A Pussycat Dolls concert in 2006 was fined 10,000 ringgit (US$2,857) after the U.S. girl group was accused of flouting decency regulations.

Now Avril Lavigne! Who else that would never touch the "pure" land of Malaysia.

Read here on related article!

Ellen & Portia married!

Picture source from here.

Ellen Degeneres a very open gay celebrity. She has her own talk show and is extremely popular. I must admit that I like her talkshow best and it is always, light and funny with a lot of celebrities on the show.

She married her girlfriend of 4 years Portia de Rossi (anyone remember her from Ally McBeal??) this weekend in their home in Beverly Hills, California.

Wedding plans have been in the works for months.
In May 2008, following the California Supreme Court's monumental ruling that same sex couple's have the right to marry, DeGeneres announced on her talk show, she was going to marry Portia.

Obviously even though the press are not really invited to the wedding, but photos of the wedding have been circulating. The wonders of paparazzi, they can get anything, no wonder the photos of the wedding are still pretty blurry. :)

But Portia's wedding dress is beautiful right?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Before I go to sleep, it was a good Olympics day

I am 13 hours behind of Beijing so I won't be able to see second half of Sunday Olympics.

For whatever it's worth, the first half was great.

I was eating fried chicken for dinner when the oldest lady in Olympics marathon (from Romania) ran and won gold medal.

Then it was time for swimming! Wow! That was exciting!

Firstly, I was really waiting to see Dana Torres swim. This is her first individual finale in the 50 meters. She won a silver in the relay days earlier.

I really wanted her to win cos I really want the world to see that a 41 yr old woman can win the gold medal while swimming with girls half her age.

She won silver but she was so so so so close. 0.01 seconds - that was how close to the gold she was. Oh man! it would have been lovely to see her get gold.

Surprisingly within minutes of completing 1st race, she neede to get ready for her second swim. This time the relay for 100 meters medley. And Torres would be swimming last. Again she came in second but she put up a fantastic fight. US could have won, but when the baton was passed to Torres, her team was nearly one length of a swimmer slower. Torres caught up but just not enough.

Irregardless of the silver medals, I think she is already an inspiration to all women out there. Don't let your age be a barrier!

Then it was Michael Phelps 8th Gold medal. He did it! He deserved it! He is truly the world's fastest swimmer.

By this time, it is about 10.30pm. I have been out shopping all day and was getting a bit tired and about to doze off.

What a minute? Or shall I say 9.69 seconds!!!!!

The Olympics track and field 100 meters race!

It took Usain Bolt of Jamaica just 9.69 seconds to break his own world record to win the Olympics Gold Medal. And it wasn't even difficult. In the last 15 meters when he is ahead and winning, he actually slowed down to gesture the crowd and thump his chest! He knew he was going to win.

Seriously, I think his nickname "Lighting Bolt" is right because it really looked like he was that fast and no way others could have caught up.

Anyway, I personally feel he should have given his 101% all the way till the end of the race. He should have ran his best till the end. But anyway, what do I know?

Those were exhilarating races and I am glad that I watched them. Now it is my bedtime while you lucky Malaysians, Singaporeans, Asians can continue to watch the games!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Michael Phelps - it was the length of a fingernail...

Michael Phelps is sure a lucky guy. He got his 7th Gold medal by a split second...err more like 0.01 of a second. 50.58 vs 50.59 clocked by the silver medalist, Milorad Cavic of Serbia. Cavic was leading all the way until the last second. It looked like Cavic touched the platform first as his hands were stretch out first but it was Michael Phelps that touched the platform.

Wow! Unbelievable! He won by a length of a fingernail. If you did not watch the race, you just gotta see it.

Latest update - Serbia Team - Cavic and coach is obviously contesting the results and the officials are looking into it. But the prize giving ceremony is already done and Michael has the GOLD medal. So, let's see what happens. But from what I saw, it was close but I am sure Michael did touch first.

The Tennis Heroes fall!

I know the tennis grandslams are more glamorous than the Olympics. They probably make more monies competing in the grandslams too.

But what about pride to represent your country??? Win Gold for your country!!

Ok ok...a bit dramatic...but I am surprised that Federer is out, The William sisters are also knocked out, not reaching the finals of the Olympics! Maybe they are not getting enough attention so low motivation to compete??

At least Nadal is in the finals. It would have been nice to see a rematch of Nadal & Federer!!

Latest - I stand corrected. The Williams sisters won the doubles! Gold medal!

He can get RM1MILLION if he wins GOLD

Wah! Not bad eh..... Malaysia government offering Lee Chong Wei RM1Million to bring back the Gold Medal! In pocket now is RM300,000.
I wonder if Malaysia is going to declare a public holiday if he wins!!??

I remember the good days of Thomas Cup. I can even remember which year. The best Thomas Cup I ever watch, and even though I was watching at home, I can feel like I was watching with the rest of Malaysia. It was an indescribable feeling. The whole nation tuned in to watch the Thomas Cup and Malaysia won, wow! you really can feel that the whole nation jumped up for joy. No kidding!

Best part of it.....Malaysia declared a public holiday the next day. But seriously, it was really a moment in Malaysia history to see us win the Thomas Cup!

Oh course, the badminton players then were showered with gifts, money, car, house etc etc.

So, Lee Chong Wei - the hopes of the nation lies in your hand. Not forgetting the RM1Million dollars.

It's all up to you now. Malaysia Boleh!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Michael Phelps - Perfect 6 for 6!!

Some say he is a fish.......fastest fish in the water. His fins probably comes out his hands and legs when he touch the water.

It is amazing, he is so fast, nobody is fast enough to catch up.

He just got his 6th GOLD medal with the 6th world record breaking effort!

It really looks like he can win all 8.

Wow! He is really the Star of 2008 Olympics!

Malaysia Badminton in Semis?!!

Yohoo!!! I just heard! That's great! I very "cham" here cos can't get to watch badminton. They are only showing all those with US athletes so all I watch is swimming, gymnastics, diving, beach volley, basketball etc.

No Badminton........I think they may be showing it at 4am (I saw in a channel guide) but I am not sure and I was snoring away....not bothered to wake up to check.

Lee Chong Wei steamrolled Indonesia's Sony Dwi Kuncoro Thursday to reach the the Olympic badminton men's semi-finals and keep Malaysia's hopes alive of winning its first ever gold medal.

But he sounded a bit pessimistic leh....."Maybe it's too tough for me but I'll try," he said of possibly reaching the final where, barring a major upset, he would meet world number one Lin Dan.

Anyway........just don't fall into the pressure. Do your BEST!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chinese Slant eyes - Is it funny or racist?

This is an advertisement for the Spanish Basketball Federation that appeared in the Spanish daily sports newspaper Marca. And what are they doing? Spain's 15 national team members pulling back the skin on their eyelids, with smiles on their faces. The photo was part of a publicity campaign for team sponsor Seur, a Spanish courier company, and is being used only in Spain.

However, this ad photo sparked international media criticsm for it's cultural insensitivity.
The Spanish team have since explained and apologized for the ad. They never meant for it to be offensive.

If you are Chinese, what do you think? Would you be offended?

As for me...I think this is inching towards the borderline of being insensitive. I am not pissed but I don't think this is a tasteful ad either.

The world media bashing China on "fake" girl's voice

It is really unfortunate but China did it for the image, and a cute and presentable girl with a beautiful voice is what they want to project. So they use a pretty face to front a pretty voice. Please click to read my previous posting on China's voice controversy.

The world is not as forgiving, with so many different country's headlines bashing China's move.

Headline in The Times of London “The counterfeit Games: designed to look good from every angle,”

The Daily Telegraph urged organizers of the 2012 London Games to “bring some sanity and proportion back to both the opening ceremony and the games themselves.”

In Spain, one newspaper called it “Olympic karaoke.”

A commentator for The Age newspaper in Australia called it “the great Beijing lip-synch switcheroo” and news on the incident was headlined “China’s wrong child policy.”

The Romanian daily 7Plus ran this on its front page: “Hoax! Made in China.”

Baltimore Sun reporter Jill Rosen said the switch was hardly the first case of lip-synching, but was “possibly the cruelest.”

New York Magazine called on record executives to give Peiyi a record deal, saying “She’s 7! She has buckteeth! She is adorable!”

China has a lot to prove and wants to showcase itself to the world, I think they have done an excellent job but naturally the world is always fast to criticize and slow to praise.

Jen & John Split?!!!

Back to Hollywod gossips after all the Olympics news. According to Perez Hilton - King of celebrity gossips, the couple have broken up. Just as per my predictions. Click here for my previous postings.

I would say good riddance if they broke up bcoz Jennifer Aniston deserves better. I hope she can find a good man.

Maybe she and George Clooney should get together..just to piss Brad Pitt off. Ooops silly suggestion since George Clooney is not the right man either if you want to settle down.

Hmmm..any suggestion on good eligible 40 years old men for Jennifer Aniston?

Click here for the posting on Perez Hilton's blog.

China dominates Gymnastics!

It is amazing to watch the Chinese do their gymnastic routines.
The men are so strong and agile.
The women are so small but power-packed.
They deserve their gold medals! Congrats!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Michael Phelps - 5th Gold in the Bag

He just won his fifth GOLD in the 4X200meter relay.

He is truly a swim machine. Totally unbeatable and just so fast in the water.

They say, all he is doing in Beijing is EAT, SLEEP, SWIM and WIN GOLD MEDALS.

His aim for 8 Gold medals seem pretty possible.

Poor little cute/ugly girl....

It was spectacular show but China continues to get jabs here and there on the opening ceremony. This time it is about the cute girl who sang a beautiful and pure rendition of one of China’s favourite revolutionary anthems at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. But it was revealed today that it was not her singing the song but sang by another girl.

Lin Miaoke was cute and pretty but can't sing as well. "Angel faced"
Yang PeiYi was chubby with crooked front teeth but has a beautiful voice. "Angel Voiced"

So what did China do? They wanted to project the right image for the world to see so they went with what they thot was best. Use the cute pretty face of Miaoke for TV to mime to the beautiful voice of PeiYi.

It seem like a cruel story. Poor girl! Poor thing! She was ruled out because her face was not pretty enough. Sigh! First the "fake" fireworks and now "fake" voice! Sigh!

In China's defense, they voluntered these information to the media. And it does not sound as bad as the world news are making it out to be.

It is all for done to project the best possible image of China and the Olympics.
And seriously, I am sure this is done regularly for the sake of entertaiment by all other countries too.

So you think you can DANCE?

It was Season 4 of So you think You Can dance USA! I must say I was really impressed. Not only by the participants whom I think were superb dancers but the choreography of the dances were simply amazing. It was surprisingly the top reality show that I really enjoyed this summer.

These are some of the great dancing videos I found on Not forgetting to mention, the judges were really good too. They are true professionals and an expert in their mastery and give really good comments on techniques. Also they can dance too!

Bleeding Love



Vienesse Waltz

Paso Dobla

Judge Mary performing!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Michael Phelps just got his 3rd GOLD!

He is going for 8. The auspicious number. His winning number.

So far, he has done it. 3rd Gold in the bag. 5 more to go.

This guy is so fast, he has beaten the World Record on both all routines to clinch the Gold medals.

Minutes ago, he won his 3rd Gold in the 200meter backstroke.

So do you think Michael Phelps can do it?

Another scumbag Caught!

Taking a break from all my Olympics back to the latest gossip in Hollywood. Ok, this is not really celebrity Hollywood news but close enough. Politics have become like Hollywood celebrity news.

Ok first political scumbag Bill Clinton who said "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky". Yeah!... He just got a lot of blowjobs!
His wife Hilary Clinton stood by him and I think Monica Lewinsky may be married now. Hmmm..interesting let me check up on her. :)

Not so many months ago..... another prominent governer in NY Eliot Spitzer. He went for high class hookers!! Amazingly right?! His wife Silda Spitzer stood by him! His infamous hooker Ashley Alexander Dupree is kinda in hiding from all the media.

The latest political scumbag caught - Senotor John Edward! He was one of the Democratic Presidential candidate. He denied the allegations since last year. Recently, he addressed the allegations as "tabloid trash" But last Friday, he admitted in an ABC exclusive interview that he made a mistake with film maker Reille Hunter. His wife Elizabeth Edward has an incurable form of cancer and yet another woman standing by his man!

Lucky Scumbags! They have their cakes, eat it and even stretches out for more.

Sour grapes LOSERS!

Some stupid smart ass Brit fella came up with this news report titled - "Some Opening Ceremony fireworks were faked"

The article link. Click here.

There was no doubt to the world that China put up a spectacular show during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics 080808. But it is so typical of human beings to find something wrong when something great happens. These are called sour grapes losers! And since it is reported by London's Telegraph Newspaper.....why am I not surprised? London is hosting the next Olympics in 2012 and I guess by now they know there is probably no way in the world they can put up a show to match Beijing Olympics. So they try to smear the current Olympics. Stupid fella again!

Anyway, his report featured on Yahoo news so far got nearly 10,000 comments and mostly agreeing that he was stupid and childish for such report to be reported or at the very least the header was totally inappropriate!

China gymnastics controversy!!

Have you watched the women gymnastics routine for Olympics? Gymnastics is one routine that I will definitely watch during Olympics as I will only get to see it on TV once every 4 years since no sports channels carry any coverage of other World Gymnastics championship, at least not that I have seen.
So if you have seen some of the preliminary qualifying rounds for the 2008 Olympics, the focus is on Team China and Team USA.

But what would strike you more is how tiny the China women gymnasts really are.

The Olympics regulations requires the gymnasts to be 16 years of age in the calendar year. But looking at the China team, you will wonder of their real age because some of them really can't look any older than 13 years old.

Thus, there are many speculations that some of the China team are underaged. However, China have provided passport documentation that states them to be of 16 years old.

Look at these pictures and judge for yourself. Better yet, tune in to the games and let me know what you think.

See this link for a news report, but anyway it may be bias since this guy is a US correspondence and his wife is coaching the USA team.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympics - Tune is to basketball now! USA vs China

Oh my! Oh my! I was never a basketball fan until I came to USA. It is a big deal here with NBA championships. Now for the Olympics USA team, all the best of the best players are playing - Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Jason Kidd, Dwayne Wade etc

And Yao Ming who is also a NBA player, playing for the Houston Rockets is now playing for his country China. He has been waiting for this moment for a long time. Though he was made popular by USA and playing for the US team but he would not give up the opportunity to play for his home country. Apparently he is injured and infact has not played for the Houston Rockets due to his injuries BUT he said no matter what he is not going to give up the chance to play for China in the Olympics.

The game is ON now. Do tune in cos it is a very exciting game! Even US President George Bush and China President Hu Jin Tao are watching the games at the stadium!

Latest update - China out up a good show but the lost to USA. You can see the passion and determination in China especially in Yao Ming who despite injury, was really playing hard against the Americans. But the Team USA team of NBA stars proved too strong for the Chinese. Team China was tired out by the 3rd game and you could see them struggling to keep up. It was a good match nevertheless.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dara Torres is hitting the pool soon..hope you are watching...

I wrote about her recently. See this link for the posting.

She will be hitting the pool in 4 minutes and the world will be watching. A 41 years old, competing with people half her age. She is truly inspirational for many older women.

I hope she wins. She is competing in the relay so I do hope USA wins!
Latest update - USA came in 2nd for the silver medal. Torres gave a great show but just could not catch up cos her 3rd relay team member just put too much of a gap with the leading team.
I am looking forward to her individual swim competition. All the best Dara!

Park Tae-Hwan won the 400 freestyle swimming

Another interesting match inswimming, mainly due to this Korean swimmer. He joined his first Olympics in Athens when he was just 15 years old.

But the poor guy, probably due to inexperience or nervousness, he was disqualified for a false start. He jumped in the water before the start of the match. So that was his Olympcis in 2004, he did not even get to compete.

So, it was really interesting to see him swim at the 400 meters freestyles and even more interesting when he won! Wow! Congratulations to him and Korea!

See this link for his bio!

Michael Phelps Won His first GOLD medal.

Wow! He broke the WORLD RECORD and won the GOLD MEDAL!!! 4.03.84 minutes on the 400 medley.

He was superb! Wow!

The start of Olympics fever....

I spent the whole day watching The Olympics. Delayed telecast since Beijing is sleeping at that time. US is 13 hours behind. Nothing really exciting expect swimming.

Swimming is definitely interesting. Person to watch for is Michael Phelps.

Michael Phelps - The World Record Holder. Wow! He is a machine! And the Body is fantastic. Also in the 400 medley hits, Michael Phelps broke the Olympics record!! Wow! Anyway, he is going in now for the finals and it showing now on TV. Go go watch if you have the live telecast.

Friday, August 8, 2008

I am proud to be Chinese!

Just One word - SPECTACULAR!

My Chinese pride is showing, even though Malaysian Chinese but I am proud. I am proud of China, I am proud of the Chinese.

I am only 1 hour into the opening ceremony and I am in awe.

I can't take my eyes off the spectacle. Thank God for TIVO, I can rewind as I watch whenever I missed something.

My hats off to Zhang Yimou who put this beautiful spectacular spellbinding performance.

I am proud.

Clay Aiken a Father?? This I really don't understand

He was kinda cute on American Idol some years back.

I think he even had some hit songs after that.

Then they were many speculations that he is gay. He never confirmed nor denied.

Recently he came out with a new album and a new look. Eeeekkks! He looked like this.

Then he said he wants to be a father (have a child) with his best friend Jaymas Foster (David Foster's sister) who is like 50 yrs old. No, they are not together, no they are not having sex. They are friends! So he donated his sperm to her!! - How gay is that?

So I thot they were kidding, like trying to get publicity!!

But 8.08am on 08.08.08, Mr Clay Aiken welcomed his baby boy Parker Foster Aiken.

He did it. Freak!

Did anyone see the Malaysian contingent?

I guess the opening ceremony is happening now. I have to wait for another 7 hours to watch it here is US. It's ok, I will stop looking at internet news of the Olympics.

So at 6.30pm today, I am going to prepare a nice dinner with fried chicken and popcorn as snacks, sit back and watch the opening ceremony as if it was LIVE.

So anyone saw the Malaysian contingent? We look ok?? :)

What time is it in Beijing now???

I woke up feeling very excited today. It's the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Anyway then I became confused.

It's 8am in my part of the world now. It is 9pm in Malaysia. I was trying to figure out what time it is in Beijing. To lazy to find out (I can only juggle 2 countries time zone) but am guessing it should be around the same like Malaysia right?

So this means that the opening ceremony is happening now right?? Cos I heard it is starting at 8pm on 080808.

But all the publicity in US here is that opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics will be telecast at 6.30pm 080808 which is technically 7.30am in Malaysia on 090808. It must be a delayed telecast then.

So all Malaysians out there? Are you watching the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony? I have to wait for another 9 hours.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Reality Blogger's Show - The Disney version

Kenny Sia, Coconut, IcyQueenGoddes, Samantha Poh, Pinkpau, SA, Xtine, Chris Tock, Terence....wah my head really "pening" (spinning)!!!

But it is really like soap opera unfolding, or more like reality TV show...err I should call it - reality blogger's show.

I am new to blogging and to all the Malaysia's famous bloggers but my oh my, I find them more interesting that the Hollywood stories I follow. So there I was trying to understand this reality blogger's show, trying to piece together the stories, trying to figure out who is who's friend, checking out their website, reading their coded postings, scratching my head and I think I finally got it!

I guess I have to thank for Shadowfox who kinda gave me a fuller picture.

So this is my simplified Disney version. The Disney version of Malaysian Bloggers Reality show.

Mickey and Minnie are bf and gf and they are friends with Daisy Duck. = Main characters.
Tinkerbell and Goofy are friends too = side characters.
Sylvester is the narrator of the show.

Mickey and Minnie = happy, happy.

Then Mickey and Daisy Duck went to a beachy holiday.
(Mistake no. 1)

Mickey horny, Daisy Duck even hornier = sex (Mistake no. 2)

Daisy Duck came back and told Tinkerbell what happened.

Mickey warn Daisy not to inform Minnie cos Minnie has exams.

Daisy Duck decides to spill the beans anyway.
(Mistake no. 3)

Minnie found out and fought back, standing by Mickey.
(I wonder why? mistake, mistake!)

Goofy the busybody came along and for no reason blamed Tinkerbell for tale-telling.
(Mistake no 4)

Tinkerbell got shocked and pissed so decides write her private diary.
(Mistake no 5)

Sylvester who's been observing the saga, found the diary and publicize it.

Daisy Duck pissed and blame Tinkerbell for the diary writing.
(Mistake no 6)

Sylvester attacks Daisy Duck that it was her fault in the first place so don't blame others.

So far, that's all I know, maybe I have missed out some of the plots but for now, it's been interesting.

Also I think Mickey Mouse has always been a lucky jerk in Disney and in real life.

Olympics 080808

Somehow I am rather excited about this year's Olympics. I do watch the Olympics but somehow I don't really remember being excited or looking forward to the last 2 Olympics. Maybe I was busy working or just not interested. But this year, I have a feeling it will be different and I am looking forward to it.

1) Asian Pride. I am Chinese. Though I am Malaysian Chinese but somehow I feel the significance of China hosting. The eyes of the world will be focused on Asia primarily China and Chinese people so we cannot lose face.

2) 080808. Wow! Such an auspicious day. This date is so significant to Chinese. Hoping some prosperity will flow to me, I must support the Olympics.

3) I am here in America watching the Olympics! It will be different. I will probably get round the clock updates and many more channels.

4) I kinda have more teams to support this year. USA, China and also Malaysia la. Though I don't really know who is competing from Malaysia but never mind, if got, I sure support loud loud.

5) The news here is USA have been saying that the opening ceremony will be one of the best that the world would see. If Americans can say that, I am definitely tuning in.

6) I am sooooo looking forward to watching gymnastics, swimming, tracks and diving.

7) I am not working, so I can watch anytime I want!!! :) don't be jealous!

8) My most auspicious reason is because I am so 8 8 8 (busybody in Chinese)!

Counting down to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Mary Kate Olsen - guilty or not, she is a lucky b*tch!

Heath Ledger died of painkillers drug usage. He combined some drugs, painkillers whatever and then he died.

His regular doc did not prescribed him the drugs.

So police was looking into the case on whether the drugs were obtained illegally.

Mary Kate Olsen was "friend" of Heath Ledger.

When his masseuses found him death, she made 3 phone calls to Mary Kate Olsen before calling 911.

As Federal prosecutors and DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) look into the case, MK Olsen's lawyers made the statement that she "had nothing to do" with Ledger obtaining the drugs.

MK Olsen wants IMMUNITY before answering any question on Heath Ledger's death!!

DEA did obtain a subpeona to force MK Olsen to talk.

BUT the BIG BUT is that the Federal prosecutors just announced that there are dropping the case "because they don't believe there's a viable target" as no charges have been filed, - an official told the Associated Press.

Huh???? No viable target!! Isn't it obvious??!!! The person asking for immunity??!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Morgan Freeman in the news again...don't know this is good or bad news

Update - Morgan Freeman divorcing wife!

Sigh....there I was so worried about Morgan Freeman's health after his serious accident but actually I think there is a juicy story unfolding.

Zeng zeng zeng....when he met with the accident, he was with a "friend" (so the reports stated). This female friend Demaris Meyer, 48, offered to give him a ride home. She was not so sure of the way thus Freeman was driving the car. I should have read more into it but since he was injured, I did not focus on the passenger.

So why I zeng zeng zeng that news? Because according to latest reports, Morgan Freeman is divorcing his wife Myrna Colley-Lee of 24 years.

Ah the speculation would be buzzingbuzzing on whether there is something between Morgan Freeman and his female friend Demaris Meyer.

I am sure more juicy news to come, I will update when I have them.

Suri - she is such a princess!

I am not a fan of Tom Cruise (since he started acting crazy) and also no longer a fan of Katie Holmes.

But their daugther Suri is really cute and adorable. So can't help it. Just saw some of her latest photos and yup...she is a beauty!

That's what happens when you use Paris in an ad.

This is what happens when you use Paris Hilton in an advertisement without her permission. She attacks back and drags you down and makes it all about her in the process.

I wrote earlier on how politics are such waste of money when they run campaigns to slander their opponents whereby they should really be talking about what they want to do for the country. So McCain's camp thot it was funny to use Britney and Paris in an ad to show that Obama is like one of the celebrities and therefore questioning if he is ready to lead the country. Obviously, it was a below the belt attack, furthermore by using 2 popular celebs (likely no permission granted), naturally they would not be happy about it.

Go to this link for the McCain advertisement.

Therefore Paris is back with an ad of her own, calling McCain old and nominating herself to run for president!! She even has her plan for the energy crisis. Guess who she is choosing for Vice President??? Watch the video!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Morgan Freeman doing ok.

I am glad. It was rather scary to hear that he was in critical condition especially when you are age 71. Read this past posting

When you are at that age, any kind of accident or fall can prove to be critical or even fatal. My grandpa went out for his evening walk and did not come back. We found him in the hospital. Someone found him unconscious on the road. We don't really know what happened. Was he knocked down, did he get stroke? But since that fall, his health started to weaken, he needed aide to walk, he could not control his bladder and bowel movement and needed help since. Therefore being 70+and in an accident is no small matter.

But the good news on Morgon Freeman is that he is recovering well. His spokeperson made a statement that Morgan Freeman is doing well after surgery, he is up and about already and looking forward to his release from hospital.

I am glad. All the best to a speedy recovery!

Heath Ledger's death and she needs immunity...err fishy fishy

Heath Ledger died a young man, people remembers him as the gay performer in Brokeback, then the best Joker in Joker history and remembers he leaves behind a daughter Mathilda with ex girlfriend Michelle Williams.

Even I forgot about the Olsen twin. Ms Mary Kate who has been rumoured to be his "close friend".

Anyway, why am I writing this? Cos I read this link.

So I think that MK Olsen and Heath Ledger news is rather peculiar.

Why does MK Olsen need immunity if she has done nothing wrong. If I am not stupid, this must be the tactic that her lawyer has develop to give her a "free out of jail card". If the immunity is granted, then anything she has done, whether she admits it or not, does not matter. This is because she already has the immunity.

In the news report, also states that the police/DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) did obtain a subpoena and could force MK Olsen to testify before a grand jury. It is also proven that the drugs taken by Heath was illegally obtained through fake prescriptions or illegal channels. So is MK Olsen guilty? She was the 1st person the masseuse called after the body was found. She called MK Olsen 2 more time before actually calling the police. After that, MK Olsen also called her body guard to "HELP" out in the process. Was there a cover up? Did she provide the illegal drugs?

Does superstar deserve superstar treatment? Does superstar get off easier than normal people? Answer is $$$. You have $$$, you could get away from a lot of sticky issues.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Goong....Princess Hours

I suddenly remembered how much I fell in love with this show when I first saw it. Ok ok ok, they are probably some cynics out there who's saying....What??!?!?! but I know the Korean drama fans can understand.

There was just something about the cool prince and the crazy adorable princess. And when there is a craze of these Korean dramas, believe you me, there is really a craze. The fans are loyal and dedicated. They will upload videos, make their own Music videos, write the show synopsis, and painstakingly upload the whole drama series on Youtube via 10 mins clips one by one without missing a single scene. Whatmore, they even provide Eng subtitles. You can even find this drama series uploaded in various languages other than Korean such as Mandarin, Tagalog, Thai and even Vietnamese.

Anyway, I was just reminiscing thus entering this blog entry.

For all you fans out there...this MV will bring back memories.

Dark Knight , Dark Tragedies...

Pierre- Philippe Marcou / AFP - Getty Images file

Oh no! What's happening?

The Dark Knight have been No 1 weekend box office here in USA for the 3rd week running but the cast of the show are just not doing so great.

First it was the assault case on Christian Bale. Read this link.

I just saw Yahoo News...that Morgan Freeman was involved in a car accident is Mississippi and is in critical condition. Oh dear! He is 71 yrs old and I hope he is ok.

For the full news, please read this link to Yahoo News!

John and Jennifer - Happily Ever After?

Do you think both of them will make it?

I don't care for John Mayer since he has a reputation of womanizing. He just better not hurt Jennifer Aniston.

I want Jennifer Aniston to be happy. I think she really wants to find the right guy and she deserves it. She's been hurt once by Brad Pitt. I am sure it is difficult for her to see all those news on the Brangelina gang.
John Mayer's credentials as Mr. Right is not solid at all, infact in the negatives but hopefully he is ready to settle down. I want to believe that people can change.
But since this is Hollywood, my bets are against it.
So Jen - if he is not the one, get out quick!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Brangelina's Babies Sold for USD14Million

I guess I am just jealous.

They are merely a few weeks old (not even a month yet) and they are already worth USD14 Million dollars and they earned it themselves.
They can't even stand, walk or even eat solid food but they can earn USD14 Million dollars!
They are just babies for goodness sake and yet their first paycheck is for USD14 Million dollars!

So can you understand why I am jealous? I will likely never see USD14 Million dollars in my lifetime and yet Brangelina's babies have earned their first USD14 Million within their first few days on planet earth. Life is so unfair.

Anyway.... how they earned it? Just by having their photos taken. It's, click, click = USD14 Million.

Apparently that is the price People magazine are paying for the first exclusive photos of Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon of Mr and Mrs Jolie-Pitt.

You have to pick up a People magazine on newsstands this Monday. It may take sometime to reach Malaysia but just check the internet for the glimpse of the USD14Million babies photos.

Christina Applegate-Breast Cancer

I just read that Christina Applegate is diagnosed with breast cancer.

This statement was delivered by Christina's rep on Extra-the celebrity TV news.
"Christina Applegate was diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer. Benefiting from early detection through a doctor ordered MRI, the cancer is not life threatening. Christina is following the recommended treatment of her doctors and will have a full recovery."

I hope she is ok and will recover soon. I really like her on Samantha Who.

Lindsay is not happy she is called gay

I was wondering whether she is or is she not? so I wrote this post.

Then a police officer said this about this link.

Now, apparently Lindsay is pissed and said it is inappropriate for police chief to get involved in others personal life. Lindsay Lohan said this in a video shot by paparazzi and posted on Go check it out.

Here's my take -

1. I agree that Mr Chief Policeman should not be making comments like that especially on famous beautiful celebrities. They are policemen, they are not supposed to be funny even if it is about Paris, Britney and Lindsay.
2. Lindsay - either you are or you are not. So either you make a statement and if you don't, you can't stop people from speculating. That's the price you pay for being a celebrity.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

NKOTB..You've Got the Right Stuff...

Anyone who knows NKOTB reveals their age :)

I admit I know them and can sing some of their songs too.

They have grown up. I think they were the first to start the boy band craze many moons ago.

They are making a comeback. No longer a boy band, more like men band.

The above picture is an exclusive look at their new album cover by

Do you think they still have the right stuff?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Britney, Paris, Lindsay - The world is safe without them :)

I saw this Article on and I really thot that this quote from a chief police officer in LA is so funny.

"If you notice, since Britney started wearing clothes and behaving, Paris is out of town not bothering anybody anymore, thank God, and evidently Lindsay Lohan has gone gay, we don't seem to have much of an issue."
– Los Angeles police chief William Bratton, linking a decline in problems with paparazzi to the good behavior of several high-profile celebrities

View this link

All you Archuleta fans! Listen to his new single!

Remember the American Idol boy with dreamy eyes! David Archuleta!

He has a new single titled Crush. Listen to it, judge for yourself whether you like it. Whether it is good or not, millions of screaming young girls would be going ga-ga over him and over this song.

For all you fans out there, David Archuleta and all the American Idols top 10 are on the American Idol tour now but only in America la.

Leave Madonna and Guy Ritchie alone..

I think that everyone should just leave Madonna and Guy alone. Whether their marriage is on the rocks or not, it is their business.

If their marriage is in trouble, let them deal with it. Maybe they are trying to work it out. There have been so many speculations, about divorce lawyers, not staying together, affair with A. Rod, secret chambers etc etc.

Madonna denied the affair.

Guy said their marriage is fine.

Just let it be for now. I think marriage is hard enough without others pointing the fingers toward divorce.