Monday, March 16, 2009

Gigi Lai Marries Older Millionaire

Hong Kong News Update :-

I am a little behind on Hong Kong news but she is one of my favourite TVB actress and I am glad she got married though he is older but come on...he is rich!!!

38-year old Gigi Lai married wealthy Ma Ting Koeng (馬廷強). Mr Ma is 14 years older than Gigi, his net worth is over a hundred million dollars, he owns many companies and invests in medical equipment business.

Gigi Lai said: “I am very happy to tell everyone, I’m already married. I am very thankful that I finally found someone who loves me very much, someone I can entrust my whole life with.”

Gigi confirmed her marriage to Mr Ma but their wedding date is still a mystery. There were different versions, first it was reported Gigi would marry this month in Australia, then it was rumored she was already registered last December in Europe.

Actually they were already married and honeymooned before 2009 Lunar New Year. From the photos released to the media, it was discovered that their wedding date was September 2, 2008.

Gigi Lai officially announced on October 20, 2008 to the media about her retirement from acting, in order to concentrate on taking care of her brother and his beauty business.

Guess she is retiring to concentrate to be full time "tai-tai"!

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